experience with BGP on Extreme's Alpine

Michael Martin mj0u812 at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 02:17:33 UTC 2001

I have had very good experiences using Extremes BGP
implementation on The SummitI and Black Diamond L3
switches. I ran EBGP and IBGP (no sync) with full
internet routing tables, interoperating with Cisco and
Riverstone equipment and had no major problems.
Extremes BGP implementation is identical to Cisco's in
most respects. It provides good support for BGP
reflection and uses the same route selection criteria.

My only complaint is Extremes implementation Cisco's
"Administrative Distance", known as "Route Priority"
there is little documentation (both inside and outside
of Extreme) on how the values are determined and how
they can be adjusted. 


--- Arnold Nipper <arnold at nipper.de> wrote:
> I know ExtremeNetwork's high position in L2, but
> don't have any idea how they
> perform on L3. Now an Alpine3804 might the right
> solution for a customer as
> he needs a loadbalancer, switch and router which
> also should do BGP.
> Any experience and hints welcome!
> Arnold

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