QOS or more bandwidth

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Everything that you said is correct.  However, you missed one
important part of QoS, which is TE.  TE is about avoiding congestion 
in the first place by more efficiently using all of the bandwidth
you already have in the network.  To that extent, it is a substitute
for adding more pipe.

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> > So, what problem is QoS solving?
> QoS is about choosing the packets that you are willing to 
> drop or delay
> when congestion arises. If you aren't willing to drop/delay 
> any of them,
> then you must over-provision.
> Regarding the existant thread, adding engineers and equipment will not
> give you more bandwidth, but instead it allows you to be more 
> efficient in
> your packet disposal routines. They are not a substitue for pipe.
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