More BW, Less Taxes

RJ Atkinson rja at
Tue May 29 18:01:54 UTC 2001

At 12:42 29/05/01, bmanning at wrote:
>        Yup.   However, have you priced an STM1 from Sydney to Tokyo vs
>        STM1 from Sydney to US and Tokyo to US?  The two STM1s are about
>        75% of the cost of the direct STM1.
>        Please repeat the exercise between Rome and Stockholm vs Rome/US
>        & Stockholm/US.

        The trans-Pacific problem is being solved.  Give it another
6-18 months and fibre between US/CA and ANZ or JP or SG should drop
significantly in price.  Now the problem of adding fibre in/out of 
China, that could still use some attention, IMHO.  FWIW, Tyco (and
presumably their competitors) still has/have ships busy in the 
Pacific Ocean.

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