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Tue May 29 17:50:47 UTC 2001

At 11:38 29/05/01, Sean M. Doran wrote:

>Irwin Lazar <ILazar at> writes
>| In our
>| area, we're also seeing a lot of pushback against the continued tearing up
>| of streets to lay additional fiber, so QoS may become the only option to
>| meet required service levels.
>The correct way of solving this was demonstrated in Stockholm
>and duplicated in a handful of Canadian cities.   In the first case,
>the City of Stockholm "nationalized" the laying down of dark fibre
>in the city, and formed an agency ( which 
>provides unlit/unrepeated/unamplified dark fibre between any pair
>of addresses in Stockholm at cost as a public utility.

        At least some US cities are following the lead of Stockholm.
Palo Alto, CA is one example.  Others exist.  The common thread
seems to be city-owned/operated monopolies for water/electricity/etc
-- so they can reduce install cost by just laying fibre whenever
they are already trenching for electricity/water/etc maintenance.

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