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Tue May 29 17:42:49 UTC 2001

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Sean M. Doran wrote:

> Thus, instead of a dozen or so CLEC-style companies ripping
> up the same set of streets, Stokab does it approximately once,
> and provides fibre pairs as necessary to these companies,
> and any other buyers who come along (lots of corporate buyers
> use Stokab instead of the traditional telcos or CLECs).

Stockholm also has the advantage of being built on top of a large network
of underground tunnels and passageways. STOKAB uses these which also means
they most of the time doesn't have to rip up the streets at all. There are
also plenty of other ducting around, and a lot of the time, when other
piping is being done (heating, cooling etc) others ducts are put in place
at the same time, by virtue of the municipalities having to know about all
ducting being done on "their" turf.

There are plenty of other cities and municipalities in Sweden going the
STOKAB way, Malmö (third largest city in Sweden) taking an initiative half
a year ago and are now starting to deliver fibers to people who want to
rent. They have access to the power companys ducting so they also do not
have to dig up the streets really, a lot of the ducting being in place

Basically, if I want a fiber in Stockholm I call STOKAB, I tell them
adresses, if I want to I can tell them exact floor and location in the
building and they will for an additional fee put up an ODF with my
connection anywhere I want at both ends. This usually takes between 4 and
14 weeks depending on whether they're present close to my both locations
(in the same block) or whether they have to do more advanced work. The
installation fee might be different depending on digging and how
interested they are in establishing themselves in my block. Most of the
time they're already present in the immediate neighbourhood anyway, so
installation fees are usually in the few $1k range, and the rent cost of
fiber are around $100-150 per km fiber (pair) and month.

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