Frame-relay outage: Nolo Contendere

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Tue May 29 17:39:27 UTC 2001

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Also sprach E.B. Dreger
>I recently read a tariff filing by SWBT that did something similar.
>I'd have to dig up the filing for the exact wording, but it was
>something to the effect of "we're just doing this because we're nice,
>not because we think it applies."  Yeah, right.

>Is this "we don't agree with the PUC, but we're just doing it because
>we're so nice" thing something that SBC does now?

BellSouth is certainly trying that line with the Kentucky PSC in our
case regarding their DSL tariff.  That issue may end up coming to a head
pretty soon now...should be interesting to watch.

Case number 1999-484 at the KY PSC,  Not all
filings are available online with the case, but recent (past 4 months)
rulings from the PSC are.

Seriously though...anyone interested in DSL deployment issues is
encouraged to check this case out.
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