QOS or more bandwidth

Sean M. Doran smd at clock.org
Tue May 29 16:57:49 UTC 2001

Pete Kruckenberg <pete at kruckenberg.com> writes:

| The VoIP QoS problem is interesting. Barring congestion in
| the network, VoIP just has a problem with the fact that IP
| communications are frame-oriented (and a VoIP packet gets
| behind a 1536-byte Ethernet frame in the transmit queue).

You *really* want to study Peter Lothberg's excellent
queue graphs in his presentation to the Phoenix NANOG a few
days ago.   They will probably find themselves on the
NANOG web site soon, if they are not there already.

Speaking of Peter, I often get calls from him which start
off with, "you know, Voice Over IP doesn't work without
ATM, RSVP, QoS, LAN emulation, MPLS, traffic engineering,
and fancy queueing!".   It's how I know it's him, when
he's making a VOIP call through MAE-EAST, since the connection
is much too _clear_ to tell by listening alone.

I hope that helps answer your question about what technologies
are needed to improve VOIP sound quality, rather than the interesting
ones about directories.


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