QOS or more bandwidth

Irwin Lazar ILazar at tbg.com
Tue May 29 14:51:16 UTC 2001

> FWIW, I recently heard someone ask the question - "how do you go to your
> investors and tell them you need more money for more bandwidth because you
> don't want to efficiently manage your existing capacity?"
> This is the business case for QoS, IMHO.  
> Irwin

	Which costs more, wholesale, raw bitpipes or qualified
	engineering talent to create/police the policies needed
	to maintain QoS?


That's the $64k question.  :-)

>From what I've seen, there isn't a simple answer.  In places where bandwidth
is exorbantantly expensive (such as outside the United States), simply over
provisioning isn't an acceptable answer.  However, in some places in the
U.S. & Europe, over-provisioning may certainly make more sense.  In our
area, we're also seeing a lot of pushback against the continued tearing up
of streets to lay additional fiber, so QoS may become the only option to
meet required service levels.


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