QOS or more bandwidth

Stephen J. Wilcox steve at opaltelecom.co.uk
Tue May 29 14:13:33 UTC 2001

> > Altho you need to have different policies for your core and for your
> > customers.. it may be practical to increase bandwidth on the core and
> > avoid QoS (which imho should never be employed on the core).. but its
> > not always within a customers budget to upgrade from low speed circuits.
> Although I generally agree, how does one keep QoS out of the core for CBR
> and jitter-sensitive applications?

I would disagree and argue that your core needs to be running top of the
range routers with fat pipes with spare bandwidth, for a large network if
you run out of CPU or bandwidth your routers will simply fall over.

If you have sufficient bandwidth and your routers are running smoothly
then there is no use for QoS hence I wouldnt use it (plus it will slow
down the routing process).

> > I think as the prices drop, smaller businesses are coming online but
> > still trying to use high bandwidth applications. As they are unable to
> Many here must continually explain on other lists that speed and volume
> are totally different games.  "High-speed" access != "high volume for
> below cost".  Ughh.  (If I wire my house with a 400A main, and insist
> on running 30kW all the time, I'm going to get a biiig electric bill...)

Exactly! If you continue to increase the requirements with growing
bandwidths you have no net gain. (A lot like each new release of Windows
has more features to take advantage of faster CPUs that means they always
remain slow!)


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