VPN Solution

mike at biggorilla.com mike at biggorilla.com
Tue May 29 13:43:24 UTC 2001

Along with those others mentioned, InfoExpress' VTCP will only route
traffic over the VPN destined for the defined secure network. All other
traffic routes over your normal non-tunneled connection.


Mike Jones
mike at biggorilla.com

* Patrick W. Gilmore (patrick at ianai.net) [05/28/01 00:29]:
> The VPN solutions I have used (e.g. Bay Networks, MS PPTP) send *every* 
> packet from the end user machine to the VPN end-point, not just selected 
> packets (like with SSH tunneling).


> So, does anyone know of a VPN that does selective forwarding like SSH 
> tunneling?

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