Email Parcel Post is Good!

Greg Maxwell gmaxwell at
Tue May 29 11:36:58 UTC 2001

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Roeland Meyer wrote:

> Business moves at Internet speeds these days, in case you hadn't noticed.

Including going out of bussiness at Internet speeds.

> To put it in a way even understandable to techies;
> Collaborrative document, updated and swapped between 4 authors,  and
> reviewed by two others, widely separated geo-physically. Revised and
> rewritten 5 times per day, for a week (Not counting NetMeetings). Trust me,
> management does work this way.

Servers overloaded, underconfigured, running out of disk space. SMTP
poorly suited to file transfer: 35% bandwidth and storage overhead.

> Process run-time, with email = 1 week; with FedEx = 1 month.

Email spools fill. Process never completes, impacts dozens of other
projects, hundreds of other employees.

> Process cost (transit only), with email <= $20, with FedEx = $4500 (FedEx =
> very happy)

Tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity caused by forcing an
infrastructure to do what it wasn't designed to do.

> Real cost; Deal is blown out because deliverable is three weeks late.
> Instant lost revenue.

Real cost; Not only is the deal blown, but others too.

> > my opinion.
> opinion: invalid.

Your analysis: Short sighted.

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