QOS or more bandwidth

Frank Coluccio fcoluccio at dticonsulting.com
Tue May 29 07:19:27 UTC 2001

>>>But what QOS features are included in the standard product offerings?<<<

Most competitive vendors now provide native and upgrade provisions for QoS
in one form or another. The problems most often encountered revolve around
multi-vendor cos/qos feature implementation incompatibilities. The "least
common denominator features" that are needed for basic interworking usually
do not extend to 'differentiating' features that vendors like to hold close
to the vest, such as prioritization and cos/qos features. Not without much
grief, in any event. It forces one to seriously consider single vendor
solutions. fwiw.

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Subject: QOS or more bandwidth

While its generally more effective to add more bandwidth than rationing
it with QOS, with the recent downturn in capital markets will QOS become
more popular?  If your budget for bandwidth has been cut, I'm not sure
people will have any budget for QOS either.  But what QOS features are
included in the standard product offerings?

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