Mitch tries to defend his open relay again (was Re: ORBS (Re: Scanning))

Stephen J. Wilcox steve at
Mon May 28 21:07:06 UTC 2001

I dont generally participate in flame especially where its cruel
pointless and at someone elses expense

but thanks John for the laugh!

You forgot to mention the main server, a Sun Sparcstation 10 with dual
75Mhz CPU.. (they have FIVE in total).. complete with 19" Trinitron
monitors.. and running the all powerful Solaris 2.4 and 2.5.1 augmented
with GNU, perl and python. Its even kitted up with a 64-port serial card
for the sparc and microcom modems which is able to support a huge 33.6k
dialup pool....

Altho I'm confused at how 'Netside offers a full uncensored usenet feed'
with only '18Gb of dedicated news storage' and not to mention the T1
capacity problem? ... Good job they have TWO starlan hubs!!

... i need to lie down, my sides hurt ...

On Mon, 28 May 2001, John Fraizer wrote:

> OK folks.  Please.  Leave poor Mitch alone and maybe he'll realize that
> this ISN'T the forum for him and go away.
> If you want a huge laugh, (and want to give ole Mitch the /. or NANOG
> effect) go check out
> "Network and Communications
> NetSide is connected directly to the Internet backbone via a high speed
> point-to-point full T1 link (1.544 Mbps) into the MCI backbone (at Pompano
> Beach). A Cisco 4000 router is used to direct the in-house Ethernet TCP/IP
> network traffic to and from the Internet. To help reduce the network load
> and improve performance, two Ethernet 10-BaseT interfaces, connected to
> separate AT&T StarLAN 10 hubs (with blinking lights :-) forming in effect
> subnets, are used on the servers. Each subnet connects to a different
> Ethernet port on the Cisco router."
> That's some FAT pipe you have there Mitch. What EVER do you do with your
> spare bandwidth?  heheheh And your network just blows me away.  I love the
> "To help reduce the network load" part.  Where's the load?  You've got
> serious issues if you can't pass a DS1 worth of traffic without your net
> melting.
> "Emergency Provisions
> Besides redundant servers, NetSide is also prepared to operate in
> emergency conditions, such as city-wide power failures as experienced
> during Hurricane Andrew. Housed in a solid concrete block structure, we
> don't expect heavy storm damage to occur. Our fiber rack (for telephone
> and data lines) has 3 rows of battery backup rated for 8 hours of
> continuous operation. NetSide owns 2 emergency generators: an extended-run
> heavy-duty Coleman Powermate Vantage (14HP 2cyl electric start gas engine
> - 7000W), and a portable medium-duty Dayton (5HP gas engine - 2200W)."
> Wow!  So, you've got enough generator to power the lights, soda machine
> and coffee maker.  You gonna invite all the customers to your site and sit
> around and watch the servers not run drinking soda and coffee?  Sounds
> like fun.
> Mitch.  You're an END USER.  Sure, you sell dialup access.  You couldn't
> do much more with that big FAT DS1 you've got.  You're an END
>  9 ( [3561] 62.524 ms 60.403 ms 63.456 ms
> 10 ( [3561] 166.477 ms 198.570 ms 117.225 ms
> 11 ( [3561] 195.153 ms * 194.081 ms
> You see, if you were a real network operator:
> (1) That would be more than a DS1.
> (2) The last hop wouldn't show up with the ASN of your upstream.
> (3) The last hop would RESOLVE in in-addr.
> NetSide Corporation (NET-NETSIDE)
>    P.O.Box 403895
>    Miami Beach, FL 33140
>    US
>    Netname: NETSIDE
>    Netblock: -
>    Maintainer: NETS
>    Coordinator:
>       Halmu, Mircea L.  (MLH3-ARIN)  admin at NETSIDE.NET
>       305-531-1995
>    Record last updated on 29-Oct-1998.
>    Database last updated on 26-May-2001 22:57:19 EDT.
> It might be a good idea to register some in-addr resolution servers for
> that block there Mitch.
> ...Then again, why would we expect you to run any other portion of your
> operation any more professionally than you run your mailserver?
> I tell you what.  You rate right up there in my book.
> Open Relay:		 1,000,000,000 points
> Big FAT T1:		    10,000,000 points
> Broken	     5,999,550 points
> HUBS not SWITCHES:	99,999,999,999 TILT! TILT! TILT!
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> John Fraizer
> EnterZone, Inc

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