Mitch tries to defend his open relay again (was Re: ORBS (Re: Scanning))

Stephen J. Wilcox steve at
Mon May 28 10:38:53 UTC 2001

> > > Is there a rule that, except for local dial-in, we cannot offer the same 
> > > services to a client located in a part of the world that we dont't have 


> control over. Some users left because of the blockade. Others stayed,
> because they understand the reasoning posted at

heh, personal vendetta or what! (for the record i would have left)

> That *should* worry you. It shows that most Joe users hate Big Brother.

or arent really following the technical reasoning and arguments..

> I didn't bring it up this time, you did, and even changed the topic.
> Vixie himself posted a request for comments on this also (twice, uh oh), 

did he turn you down for a job or something? said something bad about your

> I did reply once to this message, since it's been addressed to me, and 
> my private post bounces from your network. It seems you still cannot

you could get a hotmail account until you become a fully functional

> So here's the essence of my reasoning: your approach to combat spamming 
> and your methods of enforcement are wrong. You employ the same argument 
> to restrict relays as used against lawful gun owners by those that want 
> to take them away. You are unwilling to go after the actual spammers, and 
> instead punish network owners for someone else's client deeds. Well, that 
> won't fly in America. There is your legal precedent in spirit.

guns aside, how can you go after spammers? the internet is global and
anonymous. you're getting strangely patriotic over the discussion on open
relays, surprised theres no mp3 of star spangled banner attached..

> I am in favor of explicit federal legislation regulating this aspect of 
> electronic communications. Then we'll all know exactly what's legal and
> what's not, and the playing field becomes level again for all. That would 
> likely put you out of a job, I'm afraid...

good plan, one small flaw; not sure on the exact figures but theres many
o.r servers outside the US, especially asia.. and much of the spam i
receive is not of US origin, and not being in the US i wouldnt have to
honour any such legislation. so tell me, how will US federal law improve
on ORBS/MAPS other than you'd be able to start sending email directly to
Vixie again! (you could always setup another - closed - mail server if you
insist on o.r. for roaming users to get around MAPS/ORBS)

Interesting as this thread may be (sarc), is there actually any topical
discussion going on here or are a few individuals publicly airing their
problems at the expense of my Inbox?

.. suggest someone either contributes or we give up this thread!!!


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