Possible solution? (e-mail parcel vs. FTP)

Sabri Berisha sabri at bit.nl
Mon May 28 09:39:45 UTC 2001

On Fri, 25 May 2001, E.B. Dreger wrote:


> Methinks that it's proxy time.  Why not hack the popular MTAs so that they
> take attachments, spool them in a Web-accessible directory, then modify
> the message.

I've given some thinking to this subject, however I thought of the
following objections:

- users do no longer have it under control (ie don't have the choice to
  mail/put on web) anymore;
- confidential information *could* be stored unwantingly lang online

on the other side, it might be a good solution to give the cluefull users
a choice: ie with an extra header:

X-No-Attachment-Stealing: yes

or something like that.

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