ORBS (Re: Scanning)

John Fraizer nanog at Overkill.EnterZone.Net
Mon May 28 05:44:22 UTC 2001

On Sun, 27 May 2001, Mitch Halmu wrote:

> On Sun, 27 May 2001, Dan Hollis wrote:
> > On Sun, 27 May 2001, Roeland Meyer wrote:
> > > You must not have a roaming staff or are willing to keep telcos wealthy.
> > 
> > roaming staff either use webmail or pop-before-smtp.
> > 
> > -Dan
> Is there a rule that, except for local dial-in, we cannot offer the same 
> services to a client located in a part of the world that we dont't have 
> a dial-in POP as we offer to our local clients? Why shouldn't such clients
> be able to get their dial-in somewhere and the rest of their services from
> somewhere else? That includes using a remote SMTP server in the same way 
> a local user can, period.
> --Mitch
> NetSide


Lets end this useless thread now.  If it wasn't obvious to everyone
previously, it is definately obvious now.  You're a whining crybaby who
doesn't want to secure his servers for ANY REASON.  No matter that the
technology is there to do so.  No matter that it will NOT cause undue
problems for your customers.  You just want to whine about something.

I'm for one SICK OF IT!  If you don't like being listed in
MAPS/ORBS/NAME-YOUR-LIST, secure your servers.  If you want to complain
about it somewhere, do it someplace where it at least has a chance of
being operational content.

This is NANOG.  Even if you drop the NA prefix, the rest of that means
"NETWORK OPERATORS GROUP."  It does NOT mean "open mailserver operators
group" or anything like it.

So, grow up.  Secure your server.  Contact us from another email address
when you have.  For now, you're <PLONKED!>

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc

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