ORBS (Re: Scanning)

Steve Sobol sjsobol at NorthShoreTechnologies.net
Sun May 27 17:30:37 UTC 2001

Roeland Meyer wrote:

> > I don't buy the "we need open relay for nationwide users" argument,
> > either.  Build a cheap MX that does nothing but take mail from a given
> > POP, and send it to the world.  Anti-spoofing at the border,
> > don't accept mail from the outside world, and you're done.
> You must not have a roaming staff or are willing to keep telcos wealthy.

RFC2554. Works very well for me; people can connect from 
anywhere that doesn't have port 25 filtered or they can connect on
port 587, which is meant specifically for authenticated SMTP
Supported by all major e-mail clients, except for Outlook/OE 5.0, and
even then only if they are using a specific version of INETCOMM.DLL that 
has a bug that causes it not to send authentication; upgrading to 5.5

Sendmail, Exchange and a number of other mail server products now offer
RFC2554 support.

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