Scanning (was Re: Stealth Blocking)

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Sun May 27 03:15:53 UTC 2001

[ On Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 22:46:08 (-0400), William Allen Simpson wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Scanning (was Re: Stealth Blocking)
> As a quick update, I'll point out that two years ago, ORBS may have 
> been called IMRSS and/or Dorkslayers, a distinction without a 
> difference.

You should check your facts before you display such ignorance....

(ORBS is a replacement for what dorkslayers was, but ORBS is not, and
was never, IMRSS)

The new is under new management.  To quote:

	dorkslayers is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike ORBS

> I just received proof positive that Greg is an ORBS supporter

Of course!  How could you conclude otherwise?  :-)

Note that my *home* server uses not just the mechanically verified
relays list offered by ORBS, but also the adjunct lists offered under
the domain, such as this one:

>    A

So far both the true mechanically verified ORBS list, as well as the
adjunct lists like that one, have done me far more good than not.

I really do want to modify the behaviour of those running open relays.
I also wish to avoid knowingly being a participant in any theft of
service or act of fraud.

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