Mitch Halmu mitch at
Sat May 26 20:36:31 UTC 2001

On Sat, 26 May 2001, Adam Rothschild wrote:

> If you don't want to get listed in the ORBS, don't run an open relay,
> or prevent them from scanning you.  If this is too difficult too
> implement, or the negative impact on your business resulting from
> commonly-accepted responsible operational practices is too severe,
> then you can deal with the consequences of being blackholed by ORBS
> subscribers.  Your choice.
> -adam

Any North American Network Operator (NANO_) that entrusts control of
their networks' communications to a foreign third party is a fool.
ORBS is run by one Alan Brown based in New Zealand. IMHO, he's a 

Being blackholed by New Zealanders should be an insignificant threat
to US-based networks. If it starts being a noticeable problem, you 
have a serious national security breach.


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