ot, nonoperational: Mitch Halmu

Mitch Halmu mitch at netside.net
Sat May 26 19:18:58 UTC 2001

On Sat, 26 May 2001, Steve Sobol wrote:

> Mitch, ferchrissakes, fix your mail server. If you don't want to
> receive replies from me, don't reply to my messages. This is 
> thoroughly obnoxious. Thank you; drive through.
> Mail Delivery Subsystem wrote:
> > The original message was received at Sat, 26 May 2001 11:47:11 -0400
> > from snoopy.nstc.com []

Sorry Steve, we had a block on one of your ips in the NACS-BLK-1 CIDR,
and resolves to northshoretechnologies.net, so it was
also entered by name. Nothing personal, I was unaware that you were on
that domain and fixed it right away. We were not blocking snoopy.nstc.com

Of course, nonoperational: Mitch Halmu is also the black sheep, so he
gets many messages bounced by fellow admins that block NetSide blindly
according to MAPS' prescriptions. If they are aware of that or not, I 
don't know. I'm just waiting for one of our clients to be unable to
complete an e-commerce transaction because of the blockade and be held
liable, or suffer some other material loss that they want reparations for 
by legal means. Or maybe for a verdict in one of the pending law suits.

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Just curios, what's the story with Earthlink? Fierce competition, or does
it go deeper?


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