MPLS/TE in today's networks

Shawn H sah5 at
Sat May 26 17:32:00 UTC 2001


I'm a student currently researching MPLS/TE technologies. With all the 
proposed methods and functionalities, I was wondering if anyone has some 
useful information/pointers to answers to the following questions:
* How widely is traffic engineering over MPLS deployed in today's networks?
* What applications of MPLS are in use today (TE, protection, BGP nexthop 
resolution, VPNs, etc)?
* How widely used are TE offline planning tools?
* How do different vendors affect different deployments? That is, are the 
common functionalities mostly in use, or are there different proprietary 
methods used in different networks/SPs?

Thanks a lot for any useful information,

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