Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Fri May 25 22:18:56 UTC 2001

Robert Sharp wrote:

> Have you ever seen USENET if you wanna talk about a waste of bandwidth by
> UUencoding files you should start there first, email is the least of your
> problems in this arena....  one ten meg attachment on an email isn't anything
> compared to the alt.binaries traffic.  Yet no one has an issue with that.....

Apples != oranges. You can avoid reading the binaries groups, and server
can refuse to carry them.

Once an e-mail is dumped in your mailbox, you can't automagically delete
it if
you are Joe Sixpack Average NetUser. You either have to go in with your
client and download and delete it, or ask your ISP to nuke the message.

*My* experience is that people who weren't expecting the big files from
the yahoos that send it to them think their e-mail is broken until they
and I check their mail spool and see there's a big file (obviously the
is slightly different if they were expecting the message, but there are
a lot of
times when I hear that someone's friend or relative just dumped a big
mail in
their box). Large files are an annoyance to the customer in cases like

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