Email Parcel Post is Good!

Saint skullY the Dazed skully at
Fri May 25 12:35:26 UTC 2001

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 09:29:00AM -0700, Owen DeLong wrote:
> To further your analogy, parcel post generally accepts packages up to 50#,
> nothing more.  This is approximately 800 times the weight of a standard letter.
> (50 pounds == 800 ounces, and first class letter pricing is based on one ounce
> increments).

And remember, people don't complain because the local postal system won't
deliver the 150lb anvil that your great-great-great grandpa had dropped on his
head during the civil war. They would also feel bad if they later found out
the the postal worker who had to take the package out of the postal drop
got a hernia from having to take the package out, and because of their
package not only could other people not mail letters, but the letters that
were waiting to be mailed got ruined.

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