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> While that may be the case for a large number of people, nobody involved
> in this discussion is that clueless.  Hint: they'd probably have
> an
> or email address, and no clue what NANOG is.

As I stated in a previous posting, ignorance doesn't always get people off
the hook as a reason not to do things correctly.  It's very easy to explain
to someone how to use HTTP vs sending messages by email.

> John, here's the steps involved in sending the file to the SMTP server:
> Click "attach".
> Select the appropriate directory.
> Click on the file.
> Or are you assuming that the folks in this discussion don't have LANs, and
> are using uuencode and piping through /bin/mail?  I think your information
> is about 15 years out of date.

It's just as easy to make a shortcut to something like:

ftp://user:[email protected]/

Drag and drop file into browser.

Simply type hyperlink into email.  ie:

> And yet, I continue to exchange files with other system administrators
> of Fortune 500 companies.  Guess we're all "uneducated newbies".

Files via email is not completely evil, it has it's uses, however, more
people abuse it than just simply use it on occasion to send a small
attachment.  The point I believe of this argument are the morons that attach
multi-megabyte files which waste system resources on servers, waste
bandwidth and generally stalls other emails from being delivered.

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