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Fri May 25 15:22:15 UTC 2001

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Sabri Berisha wrote:

> > Second, an average user probably wouldn't have the skill.
> Then he/she should learn. I don't buy a car if I can't drive. I'm sorry
> for comparing internetworking with driving a car but I feel that FTP'ing
> is a basic skill if you want to use the internet in a professional way

uh, when is the last time that you worked the front line of an ISP?
most people have never even heard of FTP.  i almost spewed my orange
juice all over my desk when i read that paragraph. :)

unfortunately, i have accepted the fact that there is no stopping
customers from emailing 10MB (and larger!) files, they can just go to
our competition if we prevent it.

i bitch, moan, and insist that the front line kids give the "email !=
FTP speech," but we continue to permit it.  *sigh*

unless we go back in time and re-do the protocols, and re-educate
newbies before setting them lose on the 'net, i don't think that we
are going to stop people from emailing what should be FTP'd.

deeann m.m. mikula
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