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Fri May 25 15:20:28 UTC 2001

> It is worth remembering that SMTP is, in most respects, simply
> FTP reworked.
> In many ways, HTTP is FTP badly reinvented.
> But for a little extra SMTP handshaking at the start, there is no
> efficiency
> difference in transfer rate between SMTP and FTP.  Probably the same is
> true for HTTP though I've not looked.

I think you missed the fact that sending files via SMTP is incredibly
inefficient.  Any files sent via SMTP have to be encoded which can balloon
the transmission up 30%+.  That is an incredible waste of bandwidth on a
10MB file.  Also, remember that SMTP usually relays, so the message is
bounced between 1-8 servers along the way (or more), more bandwidth and
resources wasted. *sigh*

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