Stealth Blocking

Scott Raymond scott at
Fri May 25 13:21:49 UTC 2001

Well, the monthly MAPS/ORBS nonsense has pretty much run its course.
Our thanks to the trolls for starting up this silliness so soon after it
ended last month.

Let's boil it down, shall we?

1.  MAPS is a list generated to prevent spammers from sending mail to
ONE network.  They are not judge, jury, and executioner.  They allow
other network administrators to subscribe to the RBL, RSS and DUL as
they see fit.  Those admins do so by choice, not because they were
strong-armed into doing it.  It is not ONE person trying to rule e-mail
on the internet (you're thinking of Alan Brown and ORBS).  It is
THOUSANDS of network admins choosing not to allow rogue networks to spam

2.  This ridiculous debate keeps getting dredged up every 1-2 months
because some whiny brat of a network admin doesn't feel like they should
play by the same rules everyone else does.  And the reason for it is
because their network allows spam to transverse it - even after they've
been notified and given time to fix it.  So they ended up in the
blackhole list.

Therefore, for the sake of sanity, and bandwidth, and mail server load:

"You anti-MAPS troll baiters are a bunch of %^[email protected]& NAZIS!"

There.  You win.  Now go away.

As for mitch at  *plonk*  Don't bother responding - my
script now permanently deletes any e-mail to you or from you before I
see it.

Scott Raymond
LinkAmerica Communications

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