Splitting a block of Class C's

Matt Levine matt at deliver3.com
Fri May 25 07:01:25 UTC 2001

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NetSol?  Presumably they don't have that many nameservers, when you
update a nameserver record, all domains automagically pick up the
change..shouldn't be that bad.  IMHO, it's probably better for both
parties that you make them re-IP anyhow.


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At 07:14 PM 5/24/01 -0700, Steve Gibbard wrote:
>Are you big enough to get a portable IP address block from ARIN? 
>Since you say you're dropping your Sprint connection in a few
>months, you will presumably have to renumber then.  If you want to
>be really nice, you could bite the bullet and do it now, turning
>over the old block to your former customer.  Alternatively, it's
>common practice to tell your
>customer that they have to renumber out of your space when they stop
>buying connectivity from you, and from your perspective that's
>probably the easiest way to handle the situation.

I wish the timing had worked out that way, but they have to be gone
by June 
1, and I can't give up the Sprint IP's until July or August. The 
alternative to the ugly solution is to make them re-IP all of their 
domains, and AFAIK there is no easy way to do that. Last time I
NetSol makes you do each one individually.

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