Stealth Blocking

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Fri May 25 05:46:22 UTC 2001

On 05/24/01, Mitch Halmu <mitch at> wrote: 

> Who is this professional spammer, and how come he/she/it can
> still find a provider? That is the question. Perhaps also who is the 
> merchant that ordered the promotion?
> The identity of such individual or company belongs on a black list.
> Yet the spammer is able to subscribe again tomorrow, next week, next
> year... and nothing happens to them. That is the point where control 
> should be exercised. 

	You're certainly not the first person to suggest this; I've
	heard it many times over the past years, from people way kookier
	and/or way more clueful than you'll ever be.  But, nobody's 
	actually done it yet.  What's stopping you?

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