Stealth Blocking

Jeremy T. Bouse undrgrid at
Fri May 25 03:09:34 UTC 2001

Mitch Halmu was said to been seen saying:
> I will give you a solid reason why we won't try this, quoting research 
> with POP-before-SMTP conducted by the founder of MAPS TSI, Chip Rosenthal 
> You don't have to believe me that our clients will not accept that, take
> his words instead:
> "Our users hated it - particularly those using MS Outlook"
> No need to describe what happens when your clients hate your service...

	From past experience MS Outlook in and of itself is the worst MUA
to use for Internet mail to begin with as the whole idea of internet mail
was an afterthought, doesn't follow half the MIME standards and for sake
of not finding a more "high tech" way to say it... It just plan sucks, get
a real MUA.

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