Stealth Blocking

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Fri May 25 00:15:47 UTC 2001

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 10:23:23AM -0700, Eric A. Hall exclaimed:
> The negative side effect is that it cripples people who use email as a
> file transfer protocol.

fortunately, SMTP != FTP. It's a tossup whether it's more irritating to find 5
spams in my inbox or 1 5MB attachment from a salesdroid that things cc:ing a
mailing list with his latest Excel spreadsheet is a good idea. The more that
can be done to introduce people to the concept of using the right tool for the
job, the better. SMTP is not the right tool for the job of transferring large

</pet peeve>

> That would be nice as well and is something I've advocated. ISPs seem
> unwilling to do this, and it would seem that implementing a default
> low-bandwidth rate limit would mean less maintenance.

I can't figure why anybody would be unwilling to do this ... just make it a
part of your ToS that email takes one week to set up after the initial account
setup. Have the account order/setup date in a database, and a cron job that
runs daily to activate accounts with setup dates > 1 week previous.

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