Stealth Blocking

Dave Rand dlr at
Thu May 24 21:06:54 UTC 2001

[In the message entitled "Re: Stealth Blocking" on May 24, 17:00, Mitch Halmu writes:]
> On Thu, 24 May 2001, Jason Slagle wrote:
> > Along those lines, let me get this straight.  You support someone
> > compiling a list of spammers that you won't sell to, but you oppose
> > someone compiling a list of people that I choose not to accept mail
> > from.  That is quite interesting, and somewhat hypocritical.
> Not at all. "People" is the key. The list in question is of servers
> used by innocent people. The bad people are someone else's clients.
> I don't feel that it's hypocritical to refuse service to an individual
> that just cheated a fellow ISP, just like a bank will not issue an
> unsecured loan or credit card to someone that cheated another bank.

Until you have to fill out the same amount of paperwork (and have
the same level of penalties for misrepresentation on that paperwork)
to get an account, this can not happen.

And it will _never_ happen for $20/mo accounts.  Too much overhead.

There's a huge difference between a $1000 limit credit card, and
a $10/mo ISP account, wouldn't you say?


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