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Thu May 24 16:00:05 UTC 2001

Got two emails in reasonably close order (this follows an argument about
Netsol selectively deleting emails from the DP archive)

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Subject:      We Are Mad As Hell And Doing Something!

NOTE: NSI is refusing to post this email message for over 10 hours. This is
a disgrace and an attempt to supress information from the readers of the
Domain Policy list. This same message has been posted on www.ICANNWATCH and
www.ICANN Public Forum. So, as well,I am sending it directly to you and
others frequently on that list who can post to the Domain Policy List.

Committee For Fair Play From ICANN And DOC

I am a real person and I sent the Mike Johnson information because everybody
should know what is going on with Verisign and its buddies at National
Telecommunications Information Agency, the Department of Commerce and ICANN.
  We don't want or intend to politicize this forum.

However, none of us can remain in the dark to the harm that is being done in
the name of competition and improvement for our industry and the Internet.
We understand why NSI dumped us off the posting last night and now want
everyone to know that we are taking steps to be everywhere so we will be
heard on this.

We are not asking anyone for anything in our effort to obtain a fair chance
for everyone who chooses to compete against Verisign, and for ICANN and the
Department of Commerce to do the right thing in fully investigating every
instance of abuse by the dominant Verisign.  There are documents available
now that prove Verisign has cheated and is abusing its position of
dominance. This information will be turned over to the Department of Justice
this week with a request for a formal antitrust investigation.

We have asked Congresspersons to insist that a fair investigation be
undertaken to determine how ICANN and the Department of Commerce can be fair
and independent for this industry, and remain a dependent of Verisign.  The
potential for conflicts of interest and interrelated personnel offers
pregnant possibilities that wrongful conduct might never be fully and fairly
investigated by these bodies from here on.

Some of us are lawyers and former NSI employees with friends inside Verisign
who were outraged after learning of the details in the Mike Johnson
litigation.  We spoke to Mike Johnson today and learned that  he has been
provided assistance in preparing his recent filing, and   despite Verisign's
executives and employees being told yesterday not to render such assistance
to him, access to information needed to support his Complaint is assured.
Copies of the Johnson lawsuit was placed on the internal Verisign computers
and printed and distributed to its employees even after Stratton yanked off
the posted materials from both the external and internal server.  The truth
won't be quietly and easily silenced by Verisign because of its despicable
conduct described in the recent lawsuit.

There is no question that Verisign still is violating laws, and this is not
a simple personnel matter as claimed by someone willing to remain blind to
the realities we face living in this society.  Having this lucrative
government contract carries with it the responsibility to obey the laws
designed to protect minorities and to give them a fair chance for promotion
and retained employment security free of discrimination.

Since this grievous conduct is obviously not deemed to be an important
matter for Verisign and its buddies at ICANN and the Department of Commerce,
we are announcing our support to make sure every newspaper and publication,
and each relevant organization we can find, knows of this litigation against
Verisign, and to organize whatever support we can to force ICANN and the
Department of Commerce, the White House, and Congress to investigate and
explain why there is no investigation to these horrendous facts and proofs.
We can't let ICANN BOD and DOC ignore its respoinsibilities to call them as
they are and take the appropriate actions to even replace Verisign with
another entity more willing to comply with all laws.

There can be no serious reason advanced why Verisign's behavior disclosed to
ICANN and the Department of Commerce before the final negotiations were
signed off last Friday was not disclosed to all Members of this House
Commerce Committee before they voted approving this new transaction.  The
odor from this silence must be quickly investigated to reassure everyone
that ICANN's independent role is still viable.  We will be asking
Congressmen Dingel and Markey to continue asking questions, as they voice
the same concerns as others in the Senate who are now beginning to look at
this situation. More than a whiff of fresh air is needed.


Flip Leven

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From: Tom Newell <tomn at LISTS.NETSOL.COM>
Subject:      List deactivation

This list will be closed effective immediately.  When
we started the list many years ago, there were no lists
specifically focusing on domain policy issues.  Today
there are a wide range of public lists that address
this topic.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Please refer all queries to Brian O'Shaughnessy, of
VeriSign's Corporate Communications department at
boshaughnessy at

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and Domain-Policy is **gone** - gone from the website (archive and all),
email to the list bounces, resub requests to the majordomo fail.

any ideas what is going on here (other than the obvious impression that the
easiest way to stop the argument is to delete the forum)

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