Why are you all still here? (Was Re: Stealth Blocking)

Mitch Halmu mitch at netside.net
Thu May 24 15:53:04 UTC 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001 mike at biggorilla.com wrote:

> MAPS, ORBS, and the like are resources utilized by *endsystems*
> (http://www.nanog.org/endsystem.html).  Network providers, IMHO, have no
> business filtering mail between endsystems, unless that network provider
> is handling the mail for the endsystem (and thefore is still an endsystem
> issue).  If network providers were filtering mail at the network level,
> then maybe you would have an appropriate conversation for here, but I
> don't believe that is currently happening.

But that is the very issue that was discussed. Some filtering is indeed
happening at the network level, regardless of what you may believe.
There is supportive evidence of broken connectivity and transit packet
loss because of blackholing by Tier 1 providers.

Perhaps you missed the news that Macromedia's WEB SITE was blocked for
a few days by Abovenet's routers? And so was Peacefire's, etc.


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