Stealth Blocking

Jason Slagle raistlin at
Thu May 24 13:30:33 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Mitch Halmu wrote:

> The problem with your logic is that ad-hoc 'laws' conceived by majorities 
> do not necessarily reflect the actual law of the land. Our legal system
> has conceived checks and balances against the tyranny of the majority.
> There are compelling reasons throughout history why such system works
> best. A trivial example of my point are anti-discrimination laws.

Last time I checked the law of the land said if it's my machine, I can
decide who connects to it.  And who sends me mail..

It's an interesting argument.  I use the MAPS RBL, and you should be glad
I do, heres why.

Suppose you get listed because you had a spammer relay.  You end up on
it. You fix the problem and it gets removed.

Suppose I don't use it, and one of those spammers mails came to me.

I manually blacklist you.

Which do you prefer, fixing it and letting one entity know, or fixing it
and letting thousands know?

This has happened lots of times.  A company sues (MAPS/ORBS) and gets an
injuction.  The public finds out and the netblocks belonging to that
company promptly go in the manual blacklist file on thousands of sites,
including ours.

You really helped the issue there didn't you?


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