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> I'm getting seriously confused here. I thought that the open-relay issue was
> irelevent to MAPS. That MAPS only black-holed confirmed SPAM sites (a little
> tougher, but more granular, charter). Further, that it was ORBS that listed
> open-relay sites specifically, whether they were involved in a spam or not
> (unacceptable due to punishing potential anti-spammers for proliferating
> spam that never saw their systems). To me, these are two entirely different
> charters. If MAPS starts to look like ORBS then I will stop using MAPS.
> Can someone please clarify?

	MAPS is a company.  They have three basic lists.  One of them,
	the RSS, contains open relays which have been abused by spammers. has more information.

	Sometimes people use "MAPS" to refer to the MAPS RBL, which is
	described at .

	The most commonly overlooked (but individually most effective)
	MAPS list is the DUL, at .

	Each has its own criteria and set of rules, and each has (as
	might be expected) attracted assorted kooks and naysayers.

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