Stealth Blocking

Mitch Halmu mitch at
Wed May 23 22:39:53 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, J.D. Falk wrote:

> 	You're blocking MAPS' test, but you leave your server open to
> 	relay from just about anywhere else.  Perhaps the error message
> 	they gave you was unclear, but it should be fairly obvious that
> 	if you want to get off the list, you have to close the relay.

'Just about anywhere else' is a gross exaggeration. We currently block over
3000 entries, from class B's to individual ips. As an example, all of dial-ins, but NOT their SMTP servers. As another example, BellSouth
is the ILEC here, so many of our customers hold a dsl account from them
as well as a dial-up or domain with us. We can't block their ips. Some
of these customers keep their accounts because of the email address they 
had with NetSide for years. And no, reselling dsl from BellSouth is not
a viable economical option.
> 	MAPS isn't "forcing" you to do anything, you know.  You're very
> 	welcome to continue to leave it open.  And, likewise, everyone
> 	else is equally welcome to block all mail from your server, with
> 	or without MAPS' easy removal process.
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> J.D. Falk                                                SILENCE IS FOO!
> <jdfalk at> 

Do you speak as a MAPS official, JD? Thought you held the title of MAPS
Product Manager. The forcing part comes with the conditions you attach.
They may hear your call and tighten the blockade. Then again, some may
start thinking independently...

It is not the integrity of our server, it's the deviant line from your
prescriptions that hurts here. Perhaps it's time an ISP questions your 
authority to make the rules. Risking our neck, just like that. While I
respect your convictions and even ideals, I am strongly questioning your
methods by which you implement them. You are still treating our company
like some rogue .cn domain. One shoe fits all.


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