Stealth Blocking

Mitch Halmu mitch at
Wed May 23 19:15:06 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Jeremiah Kristal wrote:

> I would suggest that folks read how MAPS RBL works before they spew innuendo
> and half-truths.  MAPS may not be perfect, but it certainly isn't 'a single
> person/organization' with this power.  MAPS only acts on third-party
> nominations, has an exceedingly drawn-out confirmation process, and only
> publishes a BGP feed that *providers* must configure their routers to
> accept.  MAPS RBL does nothing beyond publish a list of known, confirmed,
> unrepentant spam sites in the format of a BGP4 advertisement.  Private
> networks can and will block what they want, MAPS just publishes a list of
> sites that they block from their network.  I (and every other network
> operator) can and will block whatever I want, unless my contract with my
> customers prevents it.
> Jeremiah

Okay, let's assume you're right, and the MAPS folks are the fairest in 
the land. Then how do you explain our case? NetSide was blackholed 
between Jul 13, 00 and Feb 27, 01, then the block was mysteriously 
lifted, only to be reistated on May 11, 01. The 'evidence' is the same,
a single relayed message from a Corecomm customer to
That is Dave Rand's personal playground. Dave is also a founding father
of MAPS, and was recently (like Apr 30) elevated to the reigns after he
'retired' from MFNX. We were blackholed again on a capricious change in
their rules. Tomorrow there will be even more rules. And so the noose

Thought you said third party nomination, not insider?

I allege they draw a profit from their activities, and that is the true
purpose of all this. The non-profit organization voluntarily relinquished
its tax exempt status, and Vixie explained why on his pages. If I 
remember correctly, it's because the government would investigate 

The type of cartel that was created here is against anti-trust laws in
the US. That's what is commonly referred to as conspiracy to restrict trade.
The legal aspects are well covered on Furthermore,
MAPS doesn't really openly publish its lists. Why do you think that's so?
Wouldn't it be nice, or at least fair for everyone to know who's listed?

So now, how has my business bothered your business? It hasn't. I don't
recall any complaints from your service. That means we at least manage
and monitor our servers pretty effectively as configured, and we're not
unrepentent spammers. But we dared to be different. Face it, it's really 
our philosophy that angers you.


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