Stealth Blocking

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Wed May 23 17:42:42 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001 12:57:24 EDT, Robert Sharp said:
> I like how MAPS is allowed to black hole your machines and their traffic.  But if
> you deny them access to your network resource as they are you are automatically
> assumed a spammer.  Wait you don't believe the same things we do, well you must
> be the enemy.

I like how people like to rant without correlation to reality.  MAPS doesn't
blackhole your machines.  *I* blackhole your machines, based on *MY* decision
that if you're listed in MAPS, you're somebody I don't want to talk to.

Until you get that little detail straight, all your pissing and moaning
about MAPS is just that - pissing and moaning.  You can complain to MAPS
about being listed in their database, or you can complain to me about my
black holing your traffic because I found you listed in MAPS.  But you can't
complain about MAPS black holing you because they don't.

Using a clue for more than 20 seconds would show that MAPS *CANT* blackhole
your traffic themselves - if they did, HOW WOULD THEY TEST THAT YOU"D CLOSED
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