Stability of the Internet?

bmanning at bmanning at
Wed May 23 17:57:40 UTC 2001

> > > business and in into the PSO business it is now chartered for.
> > 
> > 	True. And it should also get out of the operations biz,
> > 	but that is another kettle of fish.
> The problem there is that there is no place for operations discussions,
> AFAICT. This may be an oversight on part of the ICANN conceptual framework.
> Most of the rest of us assumed (yeah, I know) that the IETF would handle
> that. Agreed, this may be in error. But, it is an error without a solution. 

	Protocols are not Operations.
	Operations fourms exist independent of IETF.
	(see the various *NOG's, EOF-LIST, APOP,
	Protocol developers & Policy makers should listen
	to Operators.

	To subsume operations in the IETF is just as bad as 
	subsuming policy in the IETF. 


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