Stability of the Internet?

Andrew Brown twofsonet at
Wed May 23 01:43:09 UTC 2001

>> There has been much talk of the introduction of new TLDs -- either new
>> ICANN/DoC ones or those of the likes of New.Net -- affecting the "stability"
>> of the Internet. And yet so far on all the lists, not just this one, I have
>> not seen a single example of how the "stability" would or could be affected
>> by such introductions. Can anyone give me even one example?
>Uh, this is a Forbidden Topic on this list.  Even one example could
>affect the stability of the Internet :-|

all i have to add to this discussion is that i await the time when i
can register index.html as a domain name.  it seems to me that someone
will miss the significance of that at some point in setting an
"alternate root" and make really strange waves.

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