Request for a clue!

Thomas Gainer TGainer at
Tue May 22 18:34:48 UTC 2001

Aye, FCAPS is what I was looking for.


Thomas Gainer

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Thomas Gainer wrote:

> I have heard a whisper about a network equipment evaluation standard
> FCATS.  I have never heard of it (only NEBS) and I can not find any
> information on it.  All my searches turn up information on the Florida
> standardized tests but nothing regarding technology evaluation and
> reporting.  Does anyone have a hint I can follow to find information, like
> maybe what the acronym stands for?
> Thanks,
> Thomas

Maybe you are referring to FCAPS. It stands for Fault Configuration
Provisioning and Security.  This is used to represent the various
functionalities that a network equipment is typically required to support.

I personally have not heard of FCATS in reference to network equipments.


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