RFC2547 VPN discussion group? (With an inter-AS VPN question )

Yu Ning yuning at ns.chinanet.cn.net
Tue May 22 02:18:22 UTC 2001

Hi All,

Does anyone know RFC2547 VPN discussion group ? I can only find generic MPLS
discussion from IETF. Better cisco oriented, because we use Cisco RFC2547

Here is one of the problem we encountered now. Can anyone help ?

We have 3 PEs connected with 3 CEs. PE1, PE2 are in the same AS4134, while
PE3 in AS41340.  It's not so luck that PE1 and PE3 is not back-to-back 
connected, but can be reached via a tag-switching enabled intermediate
network. PE1-PE2 has MP-iBGP peer, while PE1-PE3 has MP-eBGP peer.

Then we verify the traffic, and see that CE3, CE1 can ping each other,
while CE3 can't ping CE2 ? But all three CEs can see prefix from other 

   AS4134				       AS41340

|----|       |---|                    |---|
|CE1 |-------|PE1|--(Tag switching )--|PE3|
|----|       |---|    enabled inter-  |---|
               |      mediate network   |
               |                        |
               |                      |---|
               |                      |CE3|
|----|       |---|                    |---|
|CE2 |-------|PE2|
|----|       |---|

BTW, We run PE on IOS Version 12.1(5)T6


Yu Ning

(Mr.) Yu Ning, Chief Engineer
ChinaNET(AS4134) Sr. Sup.& New Sev. R&D
Internet Product Dep. DCB, China Telecom
Beijing, P.R.China +86-10-62072357/62072354

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