a question about BCP with BGP

Smith, Richard RJSmith at colt-telecom.com
Mon May 21 09:01:29 UTC 2001

Hi All,

Sorry to bother you all but I have a question that has many different
answers and I would prefer an experts view rather than just mine.


AS xyz (to protect the innocent)
# xyz has many routes associated with it and these are places within the
'router bgp xyz' statement (1)
# xyz also has PI address space for other companies (2)
# xyz also provides transit for other companies with their own AS numbers

xyz run RR to the CPE that run EBGP for the none xyz PI -with AS number -
(3) routes
xyz only have 1 upstream - multiple router and connections to the other AS

what I would like to know - and your opinions behind this -

is it better to have an AS access path list (on our upstream conection) and
then filter what you announce to xyz upstream or would you just pass the
whole EBGP table to xyz upstream.

xyz do filter what they acept from their customers - so reduced chance of
getting a routing 'swamp'

I would like to understand with the idea of route flapping, dampening etc.

Richard Smith
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Colt Telecom

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