Stability of the Internet?

Bruce Campbell bc at
Mon May 21 05:40:47 UTC 2001

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Eric A. Hall wrote:

> There is some (as yet unpublished) research data that says ~20% of the
> queries currently going to the root servers are for invalid TLDs (as setup
> by .private internal operators). Endorsing the use of private domains will
> make this much worse.

There was some mention (cue bill) at the last IETF about an endorsement of
'.int' for internal networks by some insert-dns-clueless-company-here.
which of course sends (significant?) unwanted traffic towards the .int

A better step would be to thoroughly endorse .private or similar, and have
the distributed root.hints file point it back to the local nameserver, so
such dns traffic does not end up on the cruel and heartless internet.

Of course, lack of clue when setting up internal networks will always
happen (such as allowing those queries out, or not setting up a correct
private tree off your regular domain etc etc).


IMHO of course ;)

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