bgp table history wanted

k claffy kc at
Sun May 20 00:06:00 UTC 2001

hwb is the only source i know of this kind of historical data*
(note there are several other sets of files in 
that directory; the ASmap* are the raw routing table dumps.
large files....)

those go from nov 1997 till mid-march 2001
when both PCH and route-views itself 
starting doing their own (different kinds of) archiving.

also some of those NLANR archived files are truncated at 
certain points cause of trouble getting the whole table down here
(various reasons: ios.tcp, bad connectivity, 
peer damage on route-views router)
which is why sean's graph has some dips

also a bunch of routing-related links at bottom of
is not totally useless either
but the web page is broken at the moment
stand by for repair


On Sat, May 19, 2001 at 04:39:32PM -0700, David Meyer wrote:
  	hwb had been archiving the route-views data on (though I'm not sure exactly where,
  	I'll keep looking). We've just started a large archiving
  	project (so doesn't really reach the time scale you want) 
  	on (aka
  	where we caputure the table and dampened routes every 2 hours.
  According to Randy Bush:
  > anyone have full bgp table dumps
  >   o taken in a consistent fashion, AND
  >   o from a fairly-large isp vantage point, AND
  >   o relatively unfiltered, AND
  >   o daily or weekly, AND
  >   o going back five (well, how about three?) or more years?
  > randy

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