Stability of the Internet?

Roeland Meyer rmeyer at
Sat May 19 05:24:42 UTC 2001

You've obviously not spent much time at their web-site.


Especially, download their hints file. It looks like a root-zone to me....

BTW, I don't run theirs because it has some colliders with ORSC root zone.
But, they are definitely TLDs. That the ALSO support those zones at the 3LD
is a compatibility move, not a cheat.

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> > new roots? There are a host (sorry for pun) of ways of 
> introducing new TLDs
> > without adding new roots. For instance the New.Net approach 
> and the addition
> The New.Net approach doesn't add new TLDs.  It is an 
> application solution,
> piggybacked on existing TLDs.
> It essentially consists of replacing DNS with something else, that
> unfortunately still requires DNS to function.  It is, in a 
> word, parasitic.

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