NANOG 22 Scottsdale Update

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Fri May 18 23:11:51 UTC 2001

Hello Folks,

Here's the final update for those of you headed out to Phoenix for

First, the weather:

Bring bathing suits, suntan lotion, sunglasses, and hats. Our weather
had been about 10 degrees above normal, although it has cooled off
today. Real summer.

Connectivity should be up and running by noon Saturday. Circuit is a DS3
via some interesting physical layer implementations.

We'll have wireless running by the afternoon, plus DHCP. If you want to
open your ACLs to allow NANOG traffic, all the addresses are in block. If you need a static address before the official
help desk opens, ask any of the CenterGate workers for direction to the
ip address czar.

Terminal room should also be operational by 5pm Saturday.

Loaner wireless cards will not be available until Sunday noon.

Detailed info is at

We're all looking forward to seeing you here...
Rodney Joffe
CenterGate Research Group, LLC.
"Technology so advanced, even we don't understand it!"(SM)

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