A question on CE to PE route exchanges ...

Dave Israel davei at biohazard.demon.digex.net
Fri May 18 21:45:02 UTC 2001

On 5/18/2001 at 14:13:53 -0700, Elwin Eliazer said:
> Hi,
> RFC2547bis suggests the use of EBGP between
> CE and PE routers; Is this a preferable model for
> service providers and enterprise customers, when
> compared to using IGP?

Yes.  BGP is designed for network borders.  Besides, in at least one
major current implementation, your IGP options are painfully limited.
> Are there anyone who have deployed this? If so,
> how is the EBGP peering setup if the CE router
> is with a local (VPN) IP address?

The BGP session lives in VPN space, the routes only exist in VPN
routing tables.  Your CE having a VPN address is really just the
natural solution.


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