ITR and Hospitality Suite [NOOP]

Jay jay at
Fri May 18 20:55:36 UTC 2001

About a 4 - 6 weeks ago the topic came up here about being shut down by VA Linux / OSDN. Thus, I
wanted to let people know about its revival.

We have successfully acquired the site and all of its "components" from
OSDN and are currently in the process of restoring it. Thus, by the end of
the NANOG conference this weekend (hopefully sooner), will be back up and fully functional again.
This site is/was a potentially great resource for the community and
certainly deserves to live on.

Right now, our main concern is getting the site live again, thus
initially, it will probably still have most of the OSDN information on
there. In the near future this will get fixed, and we hope to open-source
all of the back-end functionality and code of the site.

Also during this weekend's NANOG meeting, we are hosting a hospitality
suite in the hotel on both Sunday and Monday, following the days' planned

Food, Beer, Swag, Quake Server, Geek Toys, Conversation.
All attendees of NANOG are cordially invited.

PLACE:    Double Tree (same hotel as the conference)
          Room # 2120
DATE:     Sunday, May 20th and Monday, May 21st
TIME:     After the days' planned events until the Quake server
          explodes or the sun comes up, whichever is first.  :)


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